Hate group protests in Troy; residents say they’re embarrassed



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TROY, N.C. – A hate group from Caswell County stood outside the steps of the Montgomery County courthouse on Saturday, shouting at counter-protesters.

The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan said they had planned to speak against illegal immigration.

Instead of a formal speech, the hate group shouted words of white power and hate against “mixed breeds.”

The event turned into an hour-long shouting match between the Klan and the counter-protesters across the street.

The hate group and the counter-protesters were separated by Troy police, Montgomery County deputies and highway patrol officers.

Scout Rosen drove from Charlotte to protest against the Klan rally.

“This is my home state and I think a lot of us are pretty disturbed with the idea of them thinking that this is the kind of place they can have those kinds of rallies,” Rosen said.

The people of Troy said…

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